That Time I Had Cancer…

After the fears, after the tears

I lay still, I lay silent

I see nothing, I see pointlessness

Killers breaking silence

– March 6th, 2014 –


Life as a hypochondriac is never easy… one small symptom and then another will cause a sense of worry only comparable to a splinter. It’s something small, yet impossible to ignore… endlessly annoying and many times painful, but always there nonetheless.

This problem grew (/began?) in 2011, when I was “diagnosed” with acid reflux. I’ve decided I don’t believe in acid reflux, at least for myself, because I’d like to think it’s simply a mixture of poor diet and anxiety. The regular and always uncomfortable nausea has led to my severe and ever constant emetophobia. (Thanks, internet, for teaching me that one… but it comforts me that I’m not alone.) And every time it happens, I just ask myself “Do I feel sick because I am or because I’m afraid of being sick?” And still I can’t answer… even though I never get sick. Sooo… did I just answer myself? Nah.

From nausea to chronic sinus infections (thanks dad) to tendonitis… I’m prone to complaints, and an easy target for jokes and for not being taken seriously, ever. I get it… I’ve got some drama in me! But if I knew how to shut this part off in my brain, trust me, I would have YESTERDAY… and then some, because the events of last month were sobering on a completely new level.

ImageFebruary 9th: Just minding my own business – in the shower – when I ran my hand over my neck to feel a bulging lump. My stomach dropped, my pulse accelerating, and I felt a sense of doom as my fingers gently massaged over the flexible gel-like bulge.


The word washed over my mind like a tsunami. A countless number of fake conversations ran through my mind as I tried to rinse out my conditioner. Is this real? I’ve never had a LUMP before… lumps are real. Cancer.

I snapchatted a few people and was reassured time and time again that it was nothing. I had coworkers feel it the next day, “it’s just a knot!” no, this was not a knot. A week later and the lump was still there and of the same size. I showed my dad and he seemed only slightly concerned. We all agreed it was a lymph node and my sinus and allergy issues have been acting up lately, maybe it was nothing. I decided to just wait it out and put in to the back of my mind. A splinter.


March 1st: Coincidence that I had applied for health care at just the right moment? Perhaps… but regardless, I got a fat stack of providers and an insurance card on March 1st and immediately went to schedule my first physical and dental cleaning in years! (Not having insurance as a hypochondriac sucks by the way, just another layer of worry.)

March 5th: My day off, and a beautiful day at that. I had a long list of items on my to do list as I boarded the #6 bus. I love a long bus ride on a sunny day. First, I read Game of Thrones for awhile but then decided to just look out the window at all the beautiful South Minneapolis homes instead. I finally reached my new doctor’s office to go in for my physical. I HATE physicals… but it had been quite awhile and preventative care is free on my plan. So I went in and did this and that and it all sucked like it should. And then the lump came to mind, and I actually had almost forgotten to mention it… but my doctor felt it and suddenly her demeanor changed.

Earlier in the appointment she asked if I’d like blood work done which I, obviously, declined. She then insisted we do blood work and left. I’d never had the urge to cry like a baby quite like that. I’m used to being paranoid, I’m used to friends and family saying, “It’s nothing… you’re fine.” but I’d never had a doctor act quite like that.

The blood work wasn’t as bad as I thought, but I still felt very unlike myself walking out of the appointment. “Is this actually happening?” I didn’t feel like myself. I texted some people, looking for comfort, and ended up going to Marshall’s (the next thing on my to do list) and spending way too much money… still feeling very strange, holding tightly to my receipt thinking, “If I have cancer, I can just return it.” I decided to end the day early, googling Lymphoma on the bus ride home.


I got off at Walgreens to pick up my new birth control when I got a call from the doctor. I quickly exited the long pharmacy line and started to walk home as she told me that my test results came back abnormal. Red blood count… HIGH. Hemoglobin… HIGH. Hematocrit… HIGH. Platelet count… LOW. Referral to a specialist for further testing… a blood specialist inside the cancer unit. FUCK.

With nothing but two massive Marshall’s bags to comfort me, I called my mom and sobbed what the doctor told me. And I probably said the word lymphoma about a hundred times. I spoke to my dad and my sister too, and they all seemed way too calm about the situation. I cried through the back roads of my neighborhood until I couldn’t cry anymore. I don’t remember what I did that evening, but it didn’t involve food or alcohol or anything, really. All I remember was feeling very unusual, very numb.


March 6th: “Today my life changed and I’m still in a state of shock and fear. The unknown of the whole thing is the scariest part. My life has been changing faster than I could even notice lately, and the best way to describe what happened today… well, it feels like a huge iceberg has crashed before me, blocking my path forward. Icy and dark.”

I couldn’t get into the oncologist for almost a week, and those next 6 days absolutely sucked. I decided to call in sick and go stay at my parents house for the night because, when I’m sad, there is nothing I want more than to cuddle with my dogs. So I wallowed about for a day and then realized that wasn’t going to get me very far. I had to keep going.

I practiced how to tell my coworkers why I didn’t come in the other day, and how to talk about the subject lightheartedly, and how to sound optimistic. And in reality, being in my same environment with the same people was the best thing I could do. When I wasn’t around them, I turned back into this hallow fearful self that I had never met until now. I was going to be the most uninspirational cancer patient out there. The stress wore down on me as I went to bed every night and woke up every morning with the same loud, thundering heartbeat… never ceasing or stopping. I found some peace in yoga class, but still… my heart raced. All. Week. A constant and hurried thud in my ears and chest.


March 12th: My oncology appointment! Is it weird to say that I was excited? If there is one thing I’ve discovered about the medical exploration process, it’s that it’s all too tedious. But all the same, I just wanted was to know. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?

The nurse was very comforting and the doctor even said cancer was the worst case scenario and an unlikely one at that. He also observed my lump had decreased in size about 1/8 cm! Things were looking up. I went to have my blood taken and wasn’t worried at all since the last blood test was no big deal. There was even a picture of a puppy to look at this time! But then they took a LOT of blood… and I mean A. LOT. I got very nauseous and lightheaded and it became an embarrassing ordeal involving ginger ale and a hot male nurse. So I officially hate getting my blood taken.

March 13th: Off to my second (or third?) phase of tests! Once again, the nicest sweetest nurse (who tried to hook me up with her son) was helping me prepare for my scan. After the previous day’s blood work, my arm was left swollen, bruised, and in pain, so when I found out I needed an IV for the scan I was not happy. Supposedly, my left arm’s veins are just no good for poking, but I was not about to have her jab an IV into my black and blue arm. I had to beg her to try my bad vein first and was prepared to run otherwise. It all worked out. She injected dye into my blood to help everything appear on the scan – very high tech, very weird feeling.

ImageI was feeling optimistic. Now I just had to wait. But my heart still raced on out of control. It was that night at work when I began feeling a strange, pinching pain in my chest, over my heart.

I tried doing deep breathes to get to bed that night, I put on soothing music, tried drinking water, tried massaging over my heart. Suddenly I thought, “This is it. I’m doing to die. I’m going to fall asleep with a racing heart and chest pain and never wake up.” So I prayed. I prayed for forgiveness, because I suddenly decided I was not going to make it through the night and wanted to be forgiven if this was the end of it all for me.

March 14th: I woke up! First I was relieved, and then I realized my heartbeat ringing in my ears and pulsing through my whole body. There was a work meeting, and I needed to go. I tried to move slowly through my small studio apartment as I got ready, trying to calm myself. Deep breaths. My makeup couldn’t cover the dark circles under my eyes. The same pinching sensation on my chest was constant and uncomfortable.

I took the bus downtown and finally decided I’d give a quick call to the nurse who did my scan to explain the sensation. I had ink injected into my veins yesterday, was I having an allergic reaction? There immediate response was to go to the E.R. and not go to work. I then called the oncologist and they said the same thing… my heart raced on and all my efforts were now put towards staying composed on the busy downtown streets.


It was a bigger hassle than you’d imagine, but I finally got to the E.R. a couple of hours later, and after being visited by my cousin and mom, I was admitted. They first checked if I was having a heart attack… I wasn’t of course. I then watched House Hunters and tried deep breaths. The pinching sensation wasn’t going away. When they told me I’d need another blood test, I cried. And as he poked and jabbed my bruised and puffy arm, I looked away with no puppy picture in sight to comfort me. But once the results came in, suddenly ALL the results came in.

The doctor came back, with a huge smile on his face. “I don’t get to do this very often… but I’m so happy to tell you you’re COMPLETELY. HEALTHY.” Not only did that day’s blood work come back completely normal, but they found out from the oncologist and the CT scan that it was, in fact, correct. The doctor was bouncing off the walls with joy, and I was very happy for him that he got to deliver such good news… but I still didn’t feel that happy. I still didn’t understand. He then gave me a pamphlet on dealing with stress and told me my chest pain was simply that and would, obviously, be going away soon now that I know I’m… healthy? That’s when I noticed the missed call from my general doctor.

ImageTurns out, the machine used for the intial blood work was, you guessed it, BROKEN. MALFUNCTIONING. STUPID. WHAT? My mom came to get me and we got Taco Bell to celebrate. I called it my last “fat girl meal.” And yes, I was happy… but I was mostly exhausted. My chest still hurt. My heart was still racing. Did the last month just happen for nothing?

Relief slowly began to wash over me and I knew celebrating was needed. I ate my Taco Bell, went home, put on some party jams, poured a big glass of wine, took a long shower, and decided to get all dolled up. I indulged in the therapeutic process of “putting my face on”  and went to visit my coworkers and announce the joyous news… it felt wonderful to feel happy, and for the first time in weeks I felt like myself again.

I still have a swollen lymph node and I still don’t know why. I was recommended to visit the doctor again but, I’m obviously not going back there. They even had the nerve to request I do the test again to see if their machine is fixed… HAH. That was a fun opportunity to tell them my feelings. It also took quite awhile for my racing heart to dwindle. I even get the pinching sensation in my chest from time to time. Having felt chronic stress for the first time, I’ve since stopped drinking caffeine and have been very limiting in my alcohol consumption. I’ve purchase a Vitamix (YAY!) and am eating well and working out.

My life had been put on hold for, what felt like, a century. And moving past it, for the most part, I’ve decided to laugh. Remember when I had cancer? Hah. But in all seriousness, I feel more mortal than ever. Lymphoma is the #1 cancer in the U.S. and can effect people of ALL ages and genders. I realized that my health is important, but most of all LIFE is important, RELATIONSHIPS are important. Friends, family, puppies… we go on day to day doing things as we always do, not thinking that it can change so quickly, and even be taken away.

ImageLast week my dear friend’s mother was diagnosed with colon cancer… and it’s brought on an entirely new meaning for me. Yes, I am completely healthy and couldn’t be more grateful, but this experience has given me a harsh look at a whole other life I could have or anyone I know could have. Why this freak machine had to break for my blood test? I don’t know. And how many other people underwent similar stress and testing because of it? I hope not many. I could sue them… but my time is more precious then ever and I have a lot more important things to do now with the rest of my life.



Throwback Thursday: How To Develop a Personal Style 11/09

With Spring herein sight… just around the corner…?! I thought it was only appropriate to post a process essay I wrote in 2009: How To Develop a Personal Style. Spring is all about new beginnings, reinventing yourself, or refreshing yourself. This essay was really fun to write and maybe it will inspire you!

Also, I am so overwhelmed with work and personal life that I’ve had no time to post new blogs lately, which makes me very sad. Please stay tuned for my film review of Noah, writings about my health scare with cancer, a vlog on some new beauty products, and my first week with a VitaMix!… maybe this is ambitious but I’m hoping to get to all of that this month!!!!!510b343973f9945cc5611c7d1765b579

How To Develop a Personal Style

People embrace creativity and individuality through countless types of expression; yet with so many ways of expressing oneself, there is still one aspect that every person has in common: physical presence. A person can paint a painting or construct a building, yet their physical appearance still reflects who they are. The way one looks can also transform the way one feels, so having a personal style (along with basic fashion sense) is very important. It is a statement to the world, and sometimes it just takes some self reflection, research, and experimenting to discover how one should dress. Finding a personal style is a process, but by using the following six steps as a guide, one can truly create and develop their own personal style to show off who they are to the world.

1003836_488212434587957_482577665_nStep #1: Study yourself. When deciding the best way to express yourself through clothing, you must have a good understanding of who you are. Personal style isn’t about what’s trendy or cute – it is a self-reflection. When thinking about clothes, be true to yourself and your unique fashion sense, but don’t be afraid to take chances. If you feel like you haven’t found your personal style yet, try to think outside of the box. Caution: Don’t categorize yourself! If you automatically assume you must dress “sporty” or “preppy,” you may not reach the full potential of your style. Thinking back on your childhood is a great place to start in studying yourself. Remember what you were like at your most innocent state and what inspired your imagination. Also ask yourself, “What inspires me now?” The clothes in a music video or the colors in an art piece can inspire someone’s sense of fashion.

Step #2: Study the professionals. Celebrities are wealthy, fashion-savvy, and easy to track, so choose a singer or actress you love and study their look. What is it about their style that catches your attention? If you love it, don’t be afraid to copy it. Warning: Make sure you are looking to celebrities with similar body types! Find celebrities and other experts in fashion magazines like Elle and Vogue. Also try one trend at a time; trends are not necessarily a way to discovering personal style, but it works as a good place to start experimenting with fashion. Beyond the world of fashion and Hollywood, don’t hesitate to talk to your friends who have good taste. (Ask to borrow items of clothing or accessories for a special occasion!)feb8810b8815f5293398c1028b6140cf

Step #3: Plan and prepare. At this point, you should have a good idea about the clothes you like, but it is very important to apply what you like to what is practical. A tip that cannot be stressed enough: work with your body type! Figure out your best features and show them off. A great way to find out what looks good on your body is to look back on old photos of yourself and learn from your mistakes. Also take note of things like eye color and skin tone to find colors that will look good on you. After evaluating your body type and other physical details, pick something to be your signature. A signature piece adds something special to your look and helps you stand out. If you love skirts, wearing a different kind of skirt every day would be a great signature! Other fabulous options include: dresses, heels, necklaces, rings, or even one specific color. Steps one through three take time and thought to fully achieve, but if you put in enough effort, it makes step four a blast.

Step #4: Shop! When shopping, stay focused on the research you have done in the previous steps. If needed, browse through a store’s online catalogue before shopping, or bring in photos of outfits you would like to recreate. A very important tip: try on everything! There is nothing worse than clothes that are too loose or too tight. In addition, find a tailor or learn simple hemming techniques. Nothing fits perfectly, yet a perfect fit is the easiest way to look good. Also remember to stock up on basics; you can’t own too many fun accessories or solid tops. The best places to stock up are stores like Target, Old Navy, and the Gap. (Warning: stay away from the printed clothes at Old Navy and the Gap; they’re cheap and obnoxious!)

Stores like Target, Forever 21, H&M, and Payless are great places to find inexpensive clothes. (Being stylish doesn’t require being in debt!) However, a great confidence booster to your wardrobe is one amazing, name brand piece like a Chanel bag. If you buy one amazing item (or get one for your birthday), take very good care of it and you will be able to keep it for years to come. Caution: don’t wear fakes! It’s pointless. Step four may be the hardest step in this process, so there are a lot of warnings to take note of. Remember! Don’t overdue labels; people do not care where your clothes are from and labels take away from an outfit. Also, don’t obsess over sales! Sales are great, but if you stay too focused on them, you will miss out on other great clothing opportunities. Shopping can either be a very stressful or a very therapeutic exercise, so just remember everything you did in steps one through three, take your time, and remember to work with your body type. There is a lot more to one’s personal style than clothing though, which brings us to step five.

dcaa88ee89def19cb950aa851c0b1772Step #5: Define your hair and makeup. If you love your clothes but not your hair, you have a serious problem! Hair should be unique and bold; it is a woman’s strongest accessory. The most important thing to do is listen to the experts! Most salons will give free consultations and can help find a cut, color, and product regimen that will work well for your style and your type of hair. Even if you love your hair the way it is, experiment with products to achieve maximum health and style. Warning: don’t buy hair products from Target! Target is a great place for clothes, but professional salon products are the only things that should touch your hair. Even if Target carries a professional line, many times they are expired, overpriced, and watered down.

There is a lot less risk involved with makeup; you can try things over and over again and simply wash it off if you don’t like it. If you need extra help, professional salons and department stores will do your makeup for you. Remember: you typically have to buy makeup to have it applied, but it is a great way to get cosmetic advice. If you don’t like to wear makeup, it is still something that makes a woman look put together and stylish. Mascara, bronzer, and chapstick become a great minimalistic package for those that don’t like to be too dolled up. Either way, don’t be afraid to play around with makeup to improve your personal style.

Step #6: Wear your new look and own it! You have the clothes, the hair, and the makeup to show off who you are, so what more could there be to do? Own your new look! If you do not feel confident in your clothes, don’t wear them. Yes, it can be scary to try new things, but confidence is the key to owning your personal style. If this is your first time trying something new, you will most likely receive criticism. Remember: Be critical of criticism. It’s impossible to please everyone and the most important thing about a personal style is to have it be your style. Here are some more simple (yet helpful) tips:

  1. Don’t be afraid to personalize clothes yourself – get crafty and try sewing on a new collar or beaded accents.e46446919247001a7182ac2ed556acaf
  2. Never dress boring! If you’re clothes are simple and neutral, wear colorful shoes or a bold accessory.
  3. Wear dramatic pieces sparingly.
  4. Never repeat full outfits; change the necklace or add a bracelet at least.
  5. Posture will transform the way you come off to other people and will help anyone look more confident.
  6. Even if you are sick or having a bad day, never let it show in your outfit. Wear something comfortable, but still make sure it’s fitted and stylish. Not only will this help your mood, but it keeps you looking great.


Now that you have followed these six steps, you should feel confident, beautiful, and redefined. Just remember that the more you try, the more you can get away with. So never get stuck in one fashion box – personal style is developed and altered over time to reflect your unique self. Having your own personal style isn’t everything to life, but its one of the countless mediums of expression that should be embraced by all!

We Don’t Miss You, January

In Minnesota, we’re pretty cold most of the year, and with the cold comes a lot more than fluffy mittens, cozy blankets, and crackling fires.
21 Signs That Winter Is Coming

We’re talking about days that end before they begin, constant cloud cover, runny noses, chapped hands, and don’t even get me started on the


Like many Minnesotans, I have fallen victim to the dark and gloomy cloud known as “seasonal depression,” but fear not… here is a list of things to do when in need of (metaphorical) rays of sunshine to get us through the last few months of winter:

A Broke Girl’s Guide to Combatting the Winter Blues

Get outside!

I sold my car a few months ago to avoid the dreaded snow emergencies and save some money… little did I know it would have such a positive effect on my psyche! During past winters, the most fresh air and sun I got was walking up and down my driveway. Now, I have to walk – at the very least – 2 blocks to the bus stop to get anywhere. This guarantees a little dose of sunshine every day, and even the nightly walks are refreshing. Don’t want to take the bus? Bundle up and take a stroll around your block… even light activity will lift your spirits! Let’s be honest… we need to take all the sunshine we can get.

Check the forecast.

The polar vortex has truly improved my habit of checking the weather. Not only will it help you dress appropriately on a daily basis, but it’s very helpful when planing out your week . Sunny or warm days are spent buying groceries and running errands, the coldest days are spent doing laundry, cleaning, or spending “me time.” Getting together with a friend for dinner? Pick the warmest night of the week; even if the warmest night is 2 degrees, it’s better than -20!

Lay off the liquor

As much as you may want to drink in the winter to ease the misery, hangovers can be a major cause of depression. So enjoy a glass of wine… or two, or three, but know and respect your limits during the darkest months and you will be happier (and richer) for it.

Take care

This is a no brainer in our health crazed culture, but it’s true. Opt for healthier and fresher food items. For me, there is nothing like a fresh orange to take me away from winter. I am also more responsible (or paranoid) about illness, so I take vitamin C and echinacea regularly. This also means being active… find a 15 minute work out video on Youtube or try a free week of yoga!

Write a bucket list

glee (8646) Animated Gif on Giphy

Write a list of activities or goals you want to do this winter and schedule at least one activity per week. Great list items include going sledding, trying a new recipe or restaurant, find a fun craft on Pinterest, play scrabble, go to a free museum night or rush tickets at the theater, the possibilities are endless! If you need help thinking outside the box, is a great place to find good deals on interesting activities or events… dogsledding, anyone?

Fake it till you make it… buy a lamp!

Although I didn’t appreciate it at the time, as an angsty tween my parents bought me a depression lamp. 10 years later, my lamp is still in perfect working condition sitting beside my vanity. For at least 15 minutes a day, I sit under that lamp while I put on my makeup. How do I know it really helps? Well, I don’t… but I’d like to think so. For those of you who don’t know what a depression lamp is, well there are numerous types out there; even specific bulbs you can buy. These lights mimic natural sunlight and can really come in handy during darker months.

Pamper your skin

Dry skin is, (dry) hands down, my least favorite thing about winter. Suddenly my face looks pubescent, my hands look postmenopausal, and just about anything will cause my skin to break and bleed. What are the easiest and cheapest tricks? Here is a sublist:

  • COLD WATER: It sucks when you’re cold, but washing your hands and face using cool to lukewarm water will pay off. As weird as it is, water dehydrates skin and hair faster than anything… especially when it’s hot. So be kind to your skin and use hot water sparingly.
  • OIL BATHS: When you really need to warm up, run a hot bath and add oil (cooking oil works just fine and is inexpensive.) Not only will you feel relaxed and warm, but your skin will be as slippery as the streets afterwards.
  • GET A HUMIDIFIER: Can’t get a humidifier? Keep glass pans of water on top of your radiators; the heat will naturally evaporate moisture into the air.
  • LOTION & GLOVES: The best treatment for dry hands is to lube up on Aquafore (or lotion/oil/vaseline), and then put on some latex/plastic gloves. This is a great way to revive your hands overnight but I’ve also, at my lowest point, done this in the shower… yes, my hands hurt that bad.

Clean out the closet

There’s nothing quite like a perfectly organized closet, and what better time to do it than when you’re stuck indoors! Blast your favorite pandora station and throw out everything you never wear, then drop your neglected items off at the local thrift store. Even consider picking up a few new pieces on your way out… Badda bing badda boom!

Choose entertainment & choose wisely.enhanced-buzz-28186-1390410191-10

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year… but the second? MOVIE SEASON!!!!! The best movies and shows start in the winter, so use the weather as an excuse to be a couch potato! Catch up on shows you’re behind on (you STILL haven’t seen Breaking Bad?) or challenge yourself to see all the Oscar nominated movies (I’m almost there… stay tuned!) Even football or the olympics… winter can be dull for a lot of people, so the entertainment industry steps up their game for up, isn’t that nice? Also remember how music will especially effect your mood; if you’re apt to seasonal depression, you should play uplifting or relaxing music. And if all your favorite shows or movies are dramatic, dark, or scary, be sure to watch something comedic every once in awhile, even standup! If you’re not feeling cheery, put something uplifting on anyway and it may change your mind.

Arendale Take a vacation (a trip will suffice)

I’m broke as a joke and vacation is out of reach… but a trip? Why not! Take a drive to Stillwater or Duluth for the day, or find a discounted hotel on Groupon! Even if it’s still winter, getting out of your regular environment is a wonderful thing. If you’re a severe arachnaphobe (is that a word?) like me, getting out into nature can be stressful… so taking advantage of winter months to hike and explore outside is a great thing. Live away from home? Go see the family dog and have dinner with your parents! Point is, don’t torture yourself by staying in the same place all winter long.

All in all… stay busy and stay positive!

This list is not groundbreaking, but being honest and aware of your seasonal depression will empower you to make conscience choices to lift your mood. Stay busy and just remember that winter never lasts forever! (Unless you live in Westeros… sorry not sorry for that Game of Thrones reference.)

How do you keep yourself content in the winter?hbo (3858) Animated Gif on Giphy

Maternal Instincts or Inner Feminist? My Review of the Movie “Frozen”

A Review of “Frozen” and the Problem with Princesses

I realize this isn’t your typical movie review, but something I feel inclined to talk about…

let’s just start at the beginning.

While I am still Team Pixar, Disney has really stepped up their game in recent years with Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph. When Frozen released this past November, it showed that Disney was, once again, a force to be reckoned with. The film already took home the Golden Globe for best animated feature (and many other nominations and awards), and is also nominated twice at this year’s Academy Awards (Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song.) The overall animation and sound in the film was not up to par to Pixar’s standards (or mine for that matter), but those are minuet details in comparison to it’s characters, story, and writing.
Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 2.21.07 PM

Frozen is about two sisters, Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel), who were once close but drifted apart due to Elsa’s secret icy powers. After Elsa accidentally casts their kingdom under a never-ending winter, she runs away and Anna tries to bring her home. With the help of her friends Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and Olaf the adorably funny snowman (Josh Gad), the trio encounters a lot of fun and adventure. The movie had me laughing out loud with it’s very dry and witty humor just as much as it brought me to the edge of my seat. Great characters, hilarious jokes, a recognizable and talented cast, wonderful songs, and (most importantly) the moral of this movie was inspiring, unique, and the perfect lesson I’d want to teach my children (if I had any.)

The movie was phenomenal… so what is my problem?

Whenever I watch a movie who’s target audience is children, I watch it from three different perspectives: the general moviegoer, the child, and the parent. And, yes, there were a few moments in this movie that really kicked in my raging maternal instincts.

But let me interrupt myself and touch base on something I will call the “Princess Problem.”

The Princess Problem is old news and can be traced back in Disney’s Snow White in 1937; the weak, stupid, and beautiful Snow White… only to be saved by Prince Charming. But that was 77 years ago and we have made progress! (Let’s fast forward over Ariel changing herself to please a man, or Jasmine seducing Jaffar because that’s the only tactic a woman has to offer.)

Pocahontas (1995) was the first princess to ever save the prince. However, it was based on a true story… because heaven forbid the writer’s at Disney invent their own strong female character like Pocahontas. But hey, I give them credit nonetheless.

In 2012, Brave came out! Definitely not my personal favorite as far as story or entertainment goes, but one I’d want to be my kids’ favorite. Princess Merida is the first princess to be somewhat normally proportioned and beyond your typical “beautiful girl.” She is independent, strong, and there is no love interest! Team Pixar all. the. way. When I watched this movie, a huge sigh of relief came over me… the Princess Problem is OVER!

Not so fast.

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 2.44.59 PMFrozen has two very strong female protagonists who, SPOILER ALERT, end up saving the day themselves… no men involved (sort of.) The moral of this movie is about a sister’s bond and the importance of family. I consider these to be great progresses and yet Anna still fits into so many weak, female stereotypes. She, SPOILER ALERT, falls madly in love with a guy who only takes advantage of her because she is too naive to know better. She even role models the importance of not eating in front of a man or being ashamed of wanting to eat chocolate!

But the biggest problem I noticed was the overtly sexualized Elsa… I mean, there was a point in the movie where I said, “DAMN.” and my jaw dropped. Princesses have always been beautiful, unnaturally tall, and scary thin… but now we have HIP ACTION? Deep dress slits? In Elsa’s main song (an awesome song btw), Let It Go, you watch her transform from being timid and scared to being… uncomfortably sexy? Because, as a woman, it is impossible to be strong and independent without also being totally hot. Great association, Disney.

I wanted to find a good photo for this post. I searched, “Frozen Elsa Sexy” only to find out just how behind I am on this subject. Turns out Frozen’s head of animation, Lino DiSalvo, said the following semi disturbing statement:

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 2.29.06 PM“Historically speaking, animating female characters are really, really difficult, because they have to go through these range of emotions, but you have to keep them pretty and they’re very sensitive to — you can get them off a model very quickly. So, having a film with two hero female characters was really tough, and having them both in the scene and look very different if they’re echoing the same expression; that Elsa looking angry looks different from Anna being angry.”

So, you “have to keep them pretty and they’re very sensitive…” and it’s tough animating a women’s broad scale of emotion while still keeping them pretty AND different! Because obviously there is only one type of “pretty” in the world: big round eyes, button nose, no emotion too dramatic, a tiny waste that would normally kill a person, hip action (that’s new!), and at least a nice full C cup.

Wait, I know! We’ll just give them different hair colors and clothes! Geniuses.

Regardless of Disney’s sexist staff or even it’s break away from prince-saves-princess formula, this movie is proof that we are still forcing sexy standards down young children’s throats. Little girls will look up to these characters and know that they need to be too tall and too thin to be beautiful… they will be ashamed of eating and associate power and strength with seduction. And the boys? Boys will continue to be boys as long as they’re surrounded by these images. Insecurity, anorexia, shallowness, even rape-culture… and it all starts here: at a PG rated children’s movie.

Our world is sex obsessed and saturated with pressure for women to fit this unrealistic mold while men learn to expect it. This is one of the biggest and worst societal flaws out there, and it’s everywhere… can’t we just leave it out of a children’s movie for once?

Watch/Sing along to this Best Original song nomination (particularly at 3:15) and tell me your thoughts on the subject. Do you think the Princess Problem will ever go away?

Well here goes nothing…

As poetic as it would have been to write this 19 days ago, I didn’t… and that sums up my life entirely.

Today was going to be the big day that I launched my blog. A strong and sudden conviction hit me and I knew this was something I needed to do. But of course, being a Saturday, the night got away from me and I had one glass of wine too many. I ended up spending my entire Sunday in bed with a cloud of fuzz and nausea holding me back from my objectives. Thankfully, Amy’s frozen gluten free burrito came to my rescue. So one burrito and lots of water later, here I am… feeling a bit rusty but optimistic.

I’ve talked about starting a blog on numerous occasions and have thought about it, but they’re so much work! I don’t have time to write a blog… what if I run out of topics? How personal do I get? What if nobody reads it? Well yesterday I realized why I need to write this blog: for me.

The point of all this is to get me writing again. Writing has brought me a lot of joy and pride; my tweens were spent writing chapter books, my teens spent writing poetry. School essays were my favorite assignments, and even when they weren’t easy or fun, nothing made me prouder than a big fat A on the cover. I haven’t really written anything beyond a silly poem or two in 4 years and I’ve found myself revising and writing countless numbers of resumes and cover letters just so I could write. Sad, huh? I put so much pressure on myself to write well and to be the creative genius that I’m not, and that fear has held me back. Well not anymore.

I’m here to write for me. We all go through life soaking up the world around us, but how often to we really let it settle in to dissect. I’m hoping to know, understand, and find myself while improving a skill that I have always loved.

If you find anything I write entertaining, well it would be the biggest compliment. But the requirement of people’s acceptance has kept me from this and I feel more ready then ever to move past that barrier of insecurity.

So, I don’t have much figured out… or anything for that matter. The past couple years have been a whirlwind of change and exploration and ringing in the new year has only brought more of the above. I’m here to write about it, how shitty and awesome your 20’s are, and anything else I feel like. Cheers!