Throwback Thursday: of Wind and Poetry 10/12

Poetry: a structure in art that needs none; Yet that is always my struggle.

It is a joy but I’ve been without muse as I find myself shallow to amuse,

That which is a life uninspired; quiet and dry and left feeling tired.

Yet why don’t I? Go on, go on, go on:

I appreciate the wind today, Even when it bites.

Counting each blessing With pink cheeks and nose.

The wind is a wonderful thing;

One last time before the frost It awakens what was dead,

Leaves abandon home Yet here they dance again.

Even the shadows sway To the song of the breeze

Everything is alive this day A body of water in peace at bay;

They too receive a gift Of crashing, rolling rhythms, Drowning out city sounds.

Oh clever, clever wind, We are forever in your debt.

Even birds under your power Today they still owe breath.

And as I count each blessing, Your power grows stronger yet.10614_379733685435833_1669890470_n

And I know it is time I move on; Blown away against my will;

Respect and gratitude, always, To that which was my muse.

And I’ll work harder still To chase and embrace; to choose,

Hoping to awaken the strangest of myself soon.


Throwback Thursday: a Party Poem 1/09

It feels weird to look back, knowing this was written over 5 years ago at a house party. It’s very strange and a little silly, but I chose this poem because of it’s firm physical influence, which has a strong correlation to my feelings this week. Try not to take it too seriously…


This world of vines with stripes
With billowing smoke beneath,
I try to escape but it will not leave.
My eyes they bulge and my shoulders round,
My ears they pulse and it feels profound.
Sounds bounce and wave through my head,
Cinnamon toast crunch. Needing to be fed.
As it enters through the vines and veins of skin
To the stomach lump of my body lying within,
Where there beats a heart in this dark abyss,
Its presence lingers like true love’s first kiss.
And as it lies there beating, a pain circulates,
Through spine of center for which it hates.
I know not of what they say down a stair,
But in mind of layers, levels, it’s hard to care.
And so what do I care? But what I see
Is a world far different than naturally.
Marshmallow pies, marshmallow pies,
It’s high up here, I’ve seen many skies.
Whether it be day, it be dark, it be gone,
It’s honor I give through peace of song,
And here I swing within my mind, my center,
However sound will not leave – only enter.
Stop, stop, it says to me, small sounds say.
But this price of presence shall it pay?

Throwback Thursday: A Poem as a Present 6/13

I’ve never been a huge fan of Throwback Thursday, but I’ve decided to look at it as an opportunity. I am dedicating the first Thursday of every month to looking back on previously written material.

My dearest nephew, Theo, is very sick and unhappy right now. So, in honor of him feeling better soon, I’m posting the poem I wrote for him when his little sister, Rosie, was born. I’m only “throwing back” about 8 months, but enjoy it all the same:

Brother Meets Sister

This is Theodore, he’s a little past one,

And to momma and poppa he is a son…

He’s also a nephew and a grandson too,

“But who is that?” He hears a cry and a coo.

“This is Rosalynn, she’s your baby sister,

And that makes you a brother to her.”

“But what is a brother? What am I to do?”

“You will love her as she will always love you.”

A brother is there to show you right ways,

To comfort and laugh with on the bad days,

There to explore with and learn with and grow,

You’ll have each other, that’s what you’ll know.

“But what is a sister? Who is little Rosie?”

Rosie’s your sister, our daughter, so cozy!

But just you wait, because just like you,

She’ll grow big and strong just as you grew.

She’ll laugh and cry and wiggle and squiggle,

And you’ll slowly learn how to make her giggle.

You’ll explore and find adventure together as two,

In the park, in the pool, at home, or the zoo.

And even if you fight, at the end of the day,

You’ll still love each other in grey or in play.

So never forget what your sibling’s there for:

To be there for you always, to love and adore.

 With Love from Auntie Holli ❤