I’m a 20something single lady living in Minneapolis, MN. I find adulthood very confusing, probably because I’m only pretending to be an adult. My pups, Stewie and Sammy, are my everything but I have a lot of  awesome people in my life too. I’m a hairstylist and a lifelong learner. I’m a dreamer and a planner; I’m trying to be more of a liver. My two biggest obsessions are The Lord of the Rings and Christmas.

Sammy and Stewie

This blog is a place for me to write freely on things I care about or just feel like writing. Common themes you will find relate to 20something life, single life, broke life, Minneapolis life, beauty tips, etc. I’m also a big movie lover and animal lover, so I’m sure that will come up often as well. I may also post poetry, deep thoughts/rants, and fun links or videos from around the web. Perhaps you will find we have shared interests… either way, I hope you enjoy!

I greatly appreciate readers’ feedback, whether it is “likes” or comments on posts or article ideas on my Q&A page… it is the biggest compliment so thank you!


One thought on “About

  1. Your blog’s really, really nice. Loved reading it! As far as obsessions go, The Lord of the Rings got me obsessed on Miruvor. Anything and everything I drink, all I wonder is- does mirror taste like this?
    Keep writing! Cheers!

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