Throwback Thursday: A Poem as a Present 6/13

I’ve never been a huge fan of Throwback Thursday, but I’ve decided to look at it as an opportunity. I am dedicating the first Thursday of every month to looking back on previously written material.

My dearest nephew, Theo, is very sick and unhappy right now. So, in honor of him feeling better soon, I’m posting the poem I wrote for him when his little sister, Rosie, was born. I’m only “throwing back” about 8 months, but enjoy it all the same:

Brother Meets Sister

This is Theodore, he’s a little past one,

And to momma and poppa he is a son…

He’s also a nephew and a grandson too,

“But who is that?” He hears a cry and a coo.

“This is Rosalynn, she’s your baby sister,

And that makes you a brother to her.”

“But what is a brother? What am I to do?”

“You will love her as she will always love you.”

A brother is there to show you right ways,

To comfort and laugh with on the bad days,

There to explore with and learn with and grow,

You’ll have each other, that’s what you’ll know.

“But what is a sister? Who is little Rosie?”

Rosie’s your sister, our daughter, so cozy!

But just you wait, because just like you,

She’ll grow big and strong just as you grew.

She’ll laugh and cry and wiggle and squiggle,

And you’ll slowly learn how to make her giggle.

You’ll explore and find adventure together as two,

In the park, in the pool, at home, or the zoo.

And even if you fight, at the end of the day,

You’ll still love each other in grey or in play.

So never forget what your sibling’s there for:

To be there for you always, to love and adore.

 With Love from Auntie Holli ❤


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